A Place For Connection


We don’t just want to feel connected to other people, we want a place to call home. To enjoying moments spent, laughs shared, the silence, and the conversations.

Most people go to a coffee shop daily or on the weekends but we don’t all go for the same reasons. Whether you go to Starbucks only or are loyal to your local mom and pop coffee shop, what brings you out for coffee? Just the coffee or is it the connection?

Coffee drinking is more than a health move or a morning ritual: it’s a social thing. Coffee brings people together — neighbors over a morning cup, spouses at the kitchen table, co-workers in the latte line.

Coffee Brings People Together

We have watched over the years, amazing connections and friendships happen daily right in the Cafe. Mono Congo is a place where people have connected over coffee, food, travel, live music, art classes, language classes and more.

Here’s To Human Connection

Here’s to human connection. A saying going around the Instagram world made sense the other day.

“In a world of hashtags, algorithms and followers, know the importance of human connections.” 

Here’s to taking time to unplug every now and then, to looking up not hindered by a screen.

One of our favorite parts of the vibe at Cafe Mono Congo is that you can talk to anyone. The staff and the people are friendly here. They are excited to be traveling or are grateful to live in such a beautiful community, they are enjoying life and are in the moment.

When was the last time you lingered over a cup, talking about whatever was on your mind? When was the last time you and a friend met at a coffee shop for a quick chat – planned or unplanned?





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