Our Coffee

Our coffee ‘Monkey Punch’ is a blend of red Catuai varieties, from the Tarrazu area of Costa Rica, which has long produced what is considered some of the finest coffee in Latin America.

Produced by Naranjo Family at Their Santa Rosa 1900 Micromill

Through persistent dedication to coffee quality, Efraín aka “Macho” and his son Gelberth Naranjo produce a spectacular crop of coffee.

The family started growing coffee in the 1980’s but only began processing their own coffee four years ago, when they built their micro-mill Santa Rosa 1900. Now by managing their own micromill the Naranjos can process their own coffee by lot and control the quality.

The production, management & milling are all done by family members, which also allows for traceability of the coffee.


Grown at High Altitude on Fertile, Volcanic Soil

Production is a longer process at this high elevation, where tree growth, cherry ripening and drying take significantly longer than they do at lower farms. It can take up to eight years for coffee trees to mature at a higher altitude, instead of the usual 4-5 years at most farms. The elevation can also delay the ripening of the cherries by an additional month or two  and drying by up to 20 days (compared to only 10 days at lower levels).

An additional benefit of such high grown coffee is that the pests and disease that strike at lower altitudes are not found up at 2000 meters.


Sustainable Practices at The Santa Rosa Micromill

The micro mill has environmentally sustainable maintenance practices using modern ‘eco pulpers’ & stringent standards of patio & raised bed drying. Costa Rica has very strict laws surrounding coffee processing as a water saving measure and eco pulpers use 75% less water than traditional depulpers.



Awarded 2015 International Cup of Excellence Award

Santa Rosa 1900 has recently earned an International Cup of Excellence Award in 2013 (place 11), 2014 (place 14) and recently placed 9th in 2015.


Cafe Mono Congo, Pueblo Del Rio, Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, 60504.